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Info You Need to Know

How It Works:

1) Fill out Reservation Request Form

2) Sign rental agreement & make payment

2) You pick up

- Normal pick up at 11:00 am

- Appointment times for pick up available upon request

3) You return

- 1 day rentals drop off by 9:00 am the next day or by appointment

- Longer rentals, drop off time by appointment

Important Things To Know:

  • When renting our popcorn machines, you must use the popcorn kits provided by/purchased from us, to avoid damaging the machines. No other popcorn or oils may be used in our machines.

  • Pick up and drop off location is in Hudsonville, MI

  • Promptness is important. Late fees will be charged and strictly enforced.

  • Rentals must be returned in the same condition received. 


  • Once your rental is confirmed, you will receive a rental agreement and invoice for payment.​ A signed rental agreement and full payment via Venmo for all rental equipment & refundable security deposit is required to reserve dates. Cancellation policy outlined in rental agreement.

To Reserve:

Fill out our Reservation Request Form 

Contact us through Facebook or Instagram

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